Palimony is the term used to describe the settlement of assets when an unmarried couple that lives together is ending their relationship. It’s usually based on agreements (written or verbal) made during the course of a relationship.

Am I entitled to palimony?

To qualify for palimony you must prove both of the following:

• You and your significant other lived together for a long period of time

• There was an explicit verbal/written agreement for one to support the other, or an

implied agreement to do so

In cases involving an implied agreement, generally the agreement must be proven to exist through the means of circumstantial evidence. For example, it can be shown that one partner gave up their career and was responsible for maintaining the home while the other worked. If you think your relationship might qualify you to receive palimony from your ex-partner, it is important you contact a qualified Los Angeles palimony attorney. They can assess your unique situation and help you determine if you might qualify for palimony. Lilian is experienced in this area and can help you get the support you are entitled to, based on the contributions and sacrifices you made during the course of your long term live-in relationship. Contact Lilian today at (310) 920-5810 or to schedule a free, no-obligation, and confidential consultation.