Getting a divorce is a step you probably thought you’d never to have to take. But here you are. You probably have hundreds of questions racing through your mind, feel scared and uncertain, and may not even know where to begin.

Lilian understands what you’re going thrhough and wants to help. The first step toward reclaiming peace of mind and security often starts with finding an experienced divorce lawyer to help guide you through this emotional and difficult process

This process can start now, at this moment. Just understanding the basics of how a divorce works and what it means in California can start the healing process so you can confidently move into the next chapter in your life.

A little divorce education…

California is a “no-fault” divorce state, meaning that either spouse may file for divorce at any time for no other reason than “irreconcilable differences,” without the need to ever assign fault to one spouse or the other.

Generally, marital assets are split equally (50/50) in California. However, what is “equal” and what constitutes a “marital asset” are often up for debate: this is one area where an experienced family law attorney on yours side can make a significant difference. Other issues, such as spousal support, child support, and child custody are dealt with during the divorce process.

The procedure:

  • A spouse files a petition to dissolve the marriage with the court.

  • The other spouse has 30 days to file a response.

  • Other papers may be filed with the court requesting temporary orders, such as for child   support, visitation, and possession of property.

  • Both spouses generally exchange documents revealing their income, assets and expenses.

  • Written questions and interviews may take place to gather additional information from the other spouse.

  • The parties may reach a settlement, through negotiation or mediation. However, if issues cannot be resolved, the case will proceed to a trial in front of a family court judge.

  • The judge will make a final determination about matters such as the division of assets, child custody, child support, and spousal support.

Lilian’s philosophy

Lilian first seeks solutions that minimize both the costs and damage of an extended, contentious divorce. Nobody wins from an unnecessarily bitter divorce— it’s always best to try to revolve things with the least amount of conflict as possible. However, if an agreement between you and the other parent cannot be reached, Lilian is experienced and ready to vigorously fight for your rights in court and make sure you get a fair and favorable outcome.

Lilian is ready to help you

With an experienced, aggressive, and committed family law lawyer by your side, you can get through these difficult times with less stress and uncertainty — and better achieve the results you want. Contact Lilian today at (310) 920-5810 or info@familylawandmore.com to schedule a free, no-obligation, and confidential consultation.