Enforcement of Judgment or Settlement

Sometimes an ex-spouse or parent runs into problems after the divorce or custody/support order is finalized. A non-custodial father may refuse to pay child support. A custodial mother may refuse the father visitation with the children, despite a court order. An ex-husband or wife may refuse to pay court-ordered spousal support. Such events are unfortunately all too common between ex-partners, especially if animosity remains between them. If the parties cannot work things out themselves, legal action may again be necessary.

What to do if a an ex-spouse or other parent refuses to comply with a court judgment

You can take legal action against an ex-spouse or parent who violates your agreement or court order. Options can include garnishing the opposing party’s wages, getting necessary court signature to transfer property, mediating post-judgment disputes, and even going back to court and charging them with a contempt action. If found in contempt, the opposing party may even face jail time until they comply with the court order.

A reliable and experienced Los Angeles family law attorney can help

When faced with the stressful situation of a non-compliant ex-spouse or parent in a post- judgment situation, you should seek the legal support and advice of a qualified family law attorney to vigorously fight for your rights and get your ex to comply with their obligations. You deserve what was promised to you and you shouldn’t have to settle for less for a minute longer. Contact Lilian today at (310) 920-5810 or info@familylawandmore.com to schedule a free, no-obligation, and confidential consultation.